I hope and your loved ones are hanging in there through these last few crazy months. I am in the process of restructuring my law practice to be more client-centered. As part of that, I am renaming the law firm to Abnormal Legal and creating a new client-centered website. I hope to have the process completed and the new website in place by the end of March 2021.

If you have a project you would like help on you can schedule a paid consultation using this link: https://abnormallegal.cliogrow.com/book

Who I Work With

  • Small Business Owners who care about their employees and doing things right.
  • Salons to help them understand the laws about booth renters and employee pay.
  • General Contractors on managing their owner and subcontractor contracts.
  • Other Contractors licensed by the CSLB on writing and managing their home improvement contracts with homeowners.
  • Employers Drafting their employee handbooks.
  • Tattoo Studio Owners to help them understand laws about booth renters and employees.
  • Restaurants and Bars helping them comply with meal and rest period laws.