Understanding the laws. Keeping up on changes in the law. Having good employment practices. Making sure your contracts do what you want them to. Sometimes it feels like…well this:

I work with small business owners serious about getting their _ _ _ _ _ together. I help you understand the law, keep up on the law, and set up systems to manage your employment practices and contracts so at the end of the day you’re in a better place. I always charge a flat fee so you know how much it costs before we start.


  • Employment Advising.
  • Contracts.
  • Choosing an Entity

Who I Work With

  • Small Business Owners who care about their employees and doing things right.
  • Salons to help them understand the laws about booth renters and employee pay.
  • General Contractors on managing their owner and subcontractor contracts.
  • Other Contractors licensed by the CSLB on writing and managing their home improvement contracts with homeowners.
  • Sole proprietors deciding whether to form a corporation, LLC, or stay as a sole proprietor.
  • Employers Drafting their employee handbooks.
  • Tattoo Studio Owners to help them understand laws about booth renters and employees.
  • Restaurants and Bars helping them comply with meal and rest period laws.