Understanding the laws. Keeping up on changes in the law. Having good employment practices. Making sure your contracts do what you want them to. Sometimes it feels like…well this:

I work with small business owners who are serious about getting their _____ together. Helping them understand the law, keep up on the law, and set up systems to manage their employment practices and contracts so at the end of the day they’re in a better place.

Employment Practices

Is there some magic formula to prevent you from being sued? No. But by explaining the laws, keeping up to date on the laws, and implementing good systems, I can help reduce your chance of getting sued.


Indemnification? Arbitration? Warranties? Guarantees? Waivers? Attorney’s Fees? Mediation? Conditions? What do they all mean? What is best for your business? We’ll work through them step by and step and ensure you have a contract you understand and works for your business.

Choosing an Entity

What to be…What to be? A sole proprietorship? An LLC? A corporation? We’ll talk about your goals. Go through the differences. Review what risks exist in your line of business. And then move forward with a plan that works best for your business.

Who I Work With

  • Small Business Owners who care about their employees and doing things right.
  • Salons to help them understand the laws about booth renters and employee pay.
  • General Contractors on managing their owner and subcontractor contracts.
  • Other Contractors licensed by the CSLB on writing and managing their home improvement contracts with homeowners.
  • Sole proprietors deciding whether to form a corporation, LLC, or stay as a sole proprietor.
  • Employers Drafting their employee handbooks.
  • Tattoo Studio Owners to help them understand laws about booth renters and employees.
  • Restaurants and Bars helping them comply with meal and rest period laws.